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My Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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Welcome to my very first blog! Let me start by saying the reason I decided to start blogging was to help other Latinas that may be in the same predicament as me. What is that you ask? A Latina about to start her journey in nursing school!

Where to begin?! So much to say! I’ll start with a little about myself. I was born in Mexico, Mexico City to be exact. I lived in Mexico for three years, until my Father decided he would move our family to America to live the “American Dream”! Now fast forward a couple years, ok..ok  thirty years and I am now living my “American Dream.” After years of attempting to get into different nursing schools, I have finally been accepted into National University’s Accelerated BSN Program!! How excited am I! Not only did I get into nursing school but, I also got into the same cohort with two of my closest friends that I made while in school at National! What are the odds, it’s hard enough to get into nursing school but with these girls, they are definitely one of the many reasons I got into the nursing program. All I can I say was the universe was on our side! Literally, it took lots of manifesting as well as constant positivity!! I’ll eventually write a blog on how the universe works on your side.

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I’m sure you’re asking yourself why the blog? There are tons of blogs out there already why do we need one more? Good question, as I searched the internet for blogs/videos for tips on nursing school, I noticed that there weren’t any YouTubers or bloggers that had a similar story or background as mine. Not only that, but there aren’t many Latinas maybe but one, yes I said one, that had gone through nursing school! And I am about to change that! With the help and encouragement of my boyfriend of fourteen years, say-what!? Yes, high school sweethearts, I’ll get to how we met eventually- but with his words of encouragement, he pushed for me to blog about my experience as well as my journey through nursing school. I decided if I could help one other person that has gone through what I have, which is a Latina growing up in America trying to fit in the “American way” as well as trying to connect with other Latinos. Which I may add I also did not fit in because I wasn’t raised as a “traditional Latina”. I know right, where was this little Mexican girl suppose to turn to? In my parent’s defense, they wanted to raise us as “American” as possible so we wouldn’t be bullied or picked on, wait what… Again, I will share this story in a different blog.

If I can inspire more Latinas/ Latinos to follow their dreams as well as see more Latinas/nos working in the medical field as RN, NP, or PA’s that would be amazing!! Or not even just the Latino community but a wide variety of nationalities! Why not? Why can’t we conquer the medical field! If a little Mexican girl that literally came straight from across the border can do it. There is no reason why you can’t. So welcome to my blog or should I say life! It’s about to get hectic in just two short months because I’m about to take on nursing school!

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