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5 Must haves for Health Assesment

Now that I have completed my lab class on Health Assesment, I wanted to share with you the supplies I used in class that were helpful to me.
  1. The first thing I would recommend is a Badge Reel to go with yourschool ID. This is a must-have for me, to have our school ID on us at all times, otherwise, we could run the risk of being sent home. So what better way to dress up a boring old badge reel, then by having one that goes with your personality. Here are a few of my collections, not only can I switch them around for the holidays but it brings me a bit of joy every time I look at my badge or whenever someone compliments it. These badge reels are great because they are made with a glass, which makes disinfecting them really easy! Eventually, when you’re in clinical at the hospital, you will quickly learn you will want to sanitize everything, including your badge real!
  2.  A stethoscope is something I definitely recommend, although the school did provide me with one, which I have yet to try. Though most of my classmates use them and like them, I made the investment early on, on an MDF Stethoscope. I know this is a question lots of students asked if it was worth investing so early on. My answer is yes! This is something you will use from the start of class until the end of your career. so why not purchase a stethoscope that will help you in nursing school. I will link the stethoscope I purchased, I believe I spent a total of $120 with shipping and handling. I also purchased mine months prior to starting nursing school. Save up $20 a paycheck and purchase it early! You’ll thank me later when you’re in nursing school and not having to worry about your budget since you planned ahead!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  3.  The third must have for me was a penlight, I got a pack that came with two penlights which included the batteries as we, these were purchased from Amazon. Not only was this a cute penlight but it came in handy,  we were short on penlights a few times in class, since I was prepared I pulled out my penlight. This also helped me when studying for my head-to-toe assessment when at home.
  4. A clinical bag is a must-have the school provided us with a bag, however, I was already planning on making a purchase prior to this. I don’t recommend getting anything pricey, you will take this bag to clinical each time so I would just make sure you have a nice sturdy one.
  5. Last and certainly not least was stethoscope case, you made the investment now its time to take care of it. This is the case I purchased through Amazon, it not only keeps my stethoscope in place but it also has a pocket on the side to store extra items, such as a penlight.
Well I hope these tips helped you be a bit more prepared for the lab, some schools may vary and could provide you with all your supplies, however, it never hurts to be prepared!

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