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Nursing E-Books Are Here

Just wanted to share some news! I am now selling nursing e-books through my website Jewelnvy, (for those who are new here, I am the creator to JewelNvy, I handcraft badge reels!) you can also locate the books from the home page, under “Nursing E-Books For Sale.” Here you will see all the books that I have been required to purchase for each class. Each book is linked directly to my site and will send you directly to purchase.

Here are some reasons to love E-books, trust me I wasn’t a fan at first but now they help me get my work done quicker.

  1. The first reason you will love e-books is, you will have them on you at all times. Once purchased you will always have access to the link. From your phone, tablet, or laptop. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your books because they will always be with you!
  2. You won’t have to lug around these heavy books! Your backpack is filled will all sorts of things, you don’t need to add an 8-pound book to that. Plus if your ever in class and your professor unexpectedly tells you to pull out your book, when they didn’t mention anything about purchasing the book. (Yes, it will happen, their answer, “It was on the syllabus!” – insert eye roll here, because yes, it was on the syllabus, and I didn’t think I needed it because other classmates said they wouldn’t need the book.) But lucky for you it’s downloaded on your laptop.
  3. Another great reason is it helps you search quicker. During class, some professors ask you to look up information in your book and answer questions. With a PDF e-book, you can easily pull out the “search tab” and enter what you are looking for. Saves time and you don’t have to go through each individual page as you would with an old book. Also, you won’t feel rushed, because normally each table gets assigned a few questions and you have to be able to locate the answer pretty quick before being called on!
  4. Another great reason is you can zoom in on text and different sizes. Sometimes the text on those old paperbacks is just too small to read easily, being able to change the font size at least means you can probably use it longer than some of your old books.

See, all great reasons for having an E-books! As I continue my journey through nursing school I will continue to add more books on here. Some books here were highly recommended to help me pass a certain classes. Books may vary by school and professor, but so far this is what I have had to purchase. If it can help you, that’s great!

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