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What To Expect In Med Surge-I

Okay, lets try this again. My blog didn’t save! So here is round 2 on how Med Surge-I went.

Welcome back! Okay, I should be saying that to myself since it has been a minute since I have been on here! But don’t worry it is all still fresh in my head so I can help you all out! Life has been busy and Sunday nights are now used to complete my assignment for my honor class. But I promise I will get better at blogging! Okay, let’s get to the good stuff!

How is Med Surgical different from all your classes you ask? Let’s just say the way the questions are asked is different from fundies. How is that you ask? Well in med surge is where you start applying more nursing interventions. This is the class where you actually start feeling like a nurse. Okay, let’s start from the beginning, how to study or prepare for this class. I per usual record the lecture, I also used the following books Medical-Surgical Nursing Demystified, NCLEX Saunders, and a little bit of the Med Surgical book that is required in class. However, Demystified became my best friend! This book literally breaks down everything you need to know in 2-3 pages! (I will include my link to my Amazon account, I have been adding books and things I have purchased that has helped in school.) No need to decipher what you think is important and what isn’t. This will help you learn your manifestations, what the signs and symptoms are as well as nursing interventions that need to be done by the nurse. Yup, that you!

Side note, half the class failed the first two quizzes so don’t worry if you don’t do as well. I’m telling you these questions are different. You will be tested on the patho which will include things like lab values with vital signs and signs and symptoms of possible disease. Is it hyperkalemia, hypokalemia, hyperthermia, or diabetes. Wait, what?! Exactly, that’s how the first quiz went. But as long as you use your notes along with these books, I think you will be golden! Many students just used the NCLEX book and the MS book but once I showed a couple of classmates the demystified book they wish they had purchased it. I’m telling you this book is amazing! I also used Registered Nurse RN, youtube, she literally well help you learn the disease process and is what helped me pass my tests!

Med math, as you know by now we need to know our med math. You will start to use it in clinical as well. Per usual you need to have three chances to pass and need to score a 100% on this test. What else can I say, you have your ATI’s which will help you in this class. Remember you will need all the points possible! Group project and care plans! Ahhh, the good ol’ care plans I have been hearing so much about! This will be a post all on its own as it is a beast of its own. However, I am happy to say I scored a 53/55 on the first one and a 52/55 on the second care plan. These things take hours even days a complete by your second care plan your over it and are ready to submit, thus my score was one point less. I will also talk about clinical rotations! These were so fun yet nerve-wracking all at the same time! But until next time I will talk about it in the next post!

Till then, keep up the good work! And remember you have gotten this far and you will continue to do amazing!

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