Nursing E-Books For Sale

Nursing E-books are here!!

Due to me closing my store @Jewelnvy, please send me an e-mail or contact me through Instagram to purchase any books.

In case you weren’t aware I  recently made the decision to close my store down temporally, now that I am in Med Surge-II my commute has increased significantly. This was also a trial run while I was in nursing school and it went great! I also have a new and exciting project that I am working on and will let you guys know once it launches!

They will be sold through my other website JewelNvy  (currently closed, please e-mail me to purchase and I will send you an invoice though PayPal)

I will slowly be adding all the books I have used during nursing school and will sell them at a much lower discounted price. I understand what it’s like to have to worry about bills, gas, tuition, and on top of all this to now have to purchase books for school!

Click on any of the links provided below, it will then take you directly to Jewelnvy to purchase.