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What To Expect In Fundamental’s!

Welcome to your fundamentals class! Here is where you finally feel like a nursing student. You will get more hands-on and lots of material to learn and review. Let's start with lecture class. The first week of the class seemed intense, it seemed like we were already behind a week. Here you will have many… Continue reading What To Expect In Fundamental’s!

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First Week Of Nursing School!

It's officially been a little over two weeks since I started the BSN program at National University! I'm was actually excited to hit the books! I know? Who wants to study? But, when you have been working your entire life to get to this point, not to mention the many times I failed and was… Continue reading First Week Of Nursing School!

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How I Passed The TEAS Test!

If you're following my blog you would have read my last entry on the steps and events I went through that got me into nursing school! Here is part II, I'll explain how I passed the TEAS. At National University, after you take the classes that are required you are then able to apply for… Continue reading How I Passed The TEAS Test!

Steps Getting Into Nursing School

How I Prepared for Nursing School Financially, Physically, and Mentally!

  It was early April of this year when I officially received my letter of acceptance into National University's Accelerated BSN Program. I had waited three months before I would find out if I got into the program. Man were those three months the longest days of my life! I started to think ahead about… Continue reading How I Prepared for Nursing School Financially, Physically, and Mentally!

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My Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton Welcome to my very first blog! Let me start by saying the reason I decided to start blogging was to help other Latinas that may be in the same predicament as me. What is that you ask? A… Continue reading My Journey Begins