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Nursing Research Online Class

It’s officially been one week since I started back up my nursing classes at National. I had a great winter break but, now that class has started I will admit I have been struggling to get back to my normal routine of studying. The class isn’t difficult I just prefer not to have long breaks in between classes because I can get used to not studying real quick! 😉

So what does this class entail? Is it difficult? What are the assignments like? Let’s me start off by telling you that this class is not difficult as long as you keep up with your assignments. So what do the assignments look like? The first week we were assigned five chapters to read along with posting on blackboard, replying to two posts, a writing assignment and a quiz. The assignment due dates are broken down into different days. Your first homework assignment is due Friday, which is your a blackboard post.

A quiz was then scheduled to open up Friday afternoon, which is a 20 questions quiz in which you are given 40 minutes to take the quiz. If you read the chapters you will do fine on this quiz. Your writing assignment is then due Saturday by midnight. Then your two posts you have to respond to is due by Sunday. See not bad, it’s just like any other online class you’ve had.

If you plan your days out correctly you are able to enjoy the weekend without the worry that your assignments are due, turn them in early. As you can see nursing school is not bad, I even took the day off from studying to see my favorite podcast live in downtown San Diego! By managing your time correctly you will be successful in nursing school! So Good luck and enjoy your free time while it lasts!

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