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Top 5 Questions for Nursing School

I decided to answer some of the most common questions I get asked about nursing school. I remember before starting class I was eager to know everything and had tons of questions but couldn’t find any answers so I am hoping this will ease your mind a bit.

  How often do you study? 

This is one of the most common questions I get. First, remember that everyone studies and learns differently, I have a friend who learns pretty quickly, during lectures she retains all the information. I, on the other hand, need to review, listen to the lecture, then go home redo my notes and listen to the lecture again. (Side note record all your lectures, I use my phone, iPhone to be exact and it works great!) Then before a test, I try to listen to the lecture again! That’s three times listening to one lecture, remember that each class is about 5- 6 hours long so it can be time-consuming. Each school is different of course and I am in an accelerated program. When it comes to how much time I spend on homework assignments, it can depend on the class. I try to read the chapters and complete the assignment, I would say I spend about 2 – 4 hours depending on how long the assignment is. Now when it comes to mid-terms or finals, this to me is a consecutive 2- 3 days of 12 hours sessions of studying. Remember this is how I study best, this may not be ideal for you and you may only need a few hours, so if you know you can get away with studying for a few hours every day that may work for you. But essentially each class will be different and will vary in the amount of time you spend studying.

  How do you find time in your relationship?

Everyone will be different if you have a great support system at home like I do they will understand that you have to spend your time studying. Let them know before you start school how rigorous school will be and let them know that you will need their support. If you plan out your days and assignments accordingly you can plan out time to spend with each other. I usually let my boyfriend know if I’ll be free on a certain day or time especially during mid-terms or finals week. I let him know how important it is that I study and once I am done with testing we can spend more time together. It will be an adjustment at first but if they love you, they will understand and support you. Also, keep in mind your schedule will always be changing, again, if you’re in an accelerated program like me. My classes change every 4 weeks as well as my schedule, some months I have more time to spend with my boyfriend and some months I barely see him due to our schedule, but we also remind each other this is temporary. One thing I will say is even though you may be stressed and overwhelmed remember to take a few minutes and thank your significant other. Wait, what? I’m doing all these studying and I have to thank them? (Side, note my boyfriend and I are high school sweethearts, we have been together going on fifteen years at the end of this month, we have learned how to support and be there for each other and so far this has been working for us. )If you have a good support system at home like I do, the days I’m cramming in my office my honey will always surprise me with snacks, coffee, energy drinks, and a massage while I study. Sometimes you’re so concentrated on your studies you forget that your partner needs attention too and a small thank you will help them be patient with you. 🙂 They will know that you appreciate them as well.

How do you have time to do so much? I see you are very busy, how?

This is true, I like a challenge apparently I feel when I’m taking on to much, I need to take on more. This keeps me on my toes! So if you have been following me on here or Instagram you will see that I work, I have an online business, I blog, and I recently was accepted into an Honors program and will be taking additional classes on top of my nursing classes. And soon will be adding another exciting project!!! The key is time management, I can’t stress this enough. If you’re a procrastinator like I was it’s going to be difficult and you will get overwhelmed. At one point, I left everything to the last minute that I was so close to failing a class! I wrote myself a note on my phone the day I tested as a reminder of how stressed and horrible I felt! I wanted to keep this as a reminder to never let myself get to this place again. Time passes and then you forget that feeling, which is exactly what I didn’t want to occur. So this is one way I remind myself to plan, plan, and plan. I plan what days I will go to work when I will work on orders for JewelNvy, what days assignments are due as well as test and quizzes. I also trick myself into thinking assignments are due sooner. When I plan out my week I write down that assignments are due about one – two days sooner, this way when I’m busy referring back to my planner I get the assignments completed, I’m to busy to question myself during the week to see when they are actually due. So this helps me stay on track plus I gain an extra day or two to rest.

How are you paying for school?

Great question! I always wondered how people paid for school, I soon learned loans were a huge help. Now let me start off by telling you that when I was younger one of the reasons I stopped myself from signing up for school was because I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I didn’t want to take loans out and FASFA only gave me so much or at times I wasn’t approved. As I got older I realized that my education would eventually help me pay back these loans so I stopped worrying about it. Then I decided I would never pay a cent towards school, I decided to manifest it and truly believed it when people asked me how I would pay for school. I would tell them, “I’ll take out loans now but I will apply to scholarships and plan on paying school that way”. For years I have been saying this and I continue to stick to it. Well, I’m happy to report that I applied to a scholarship program, where I would be working on another major while taking my nursing classes, This was part of the scholarship requirement. I asked myself would I rather be stressed out now and have school paid off? Or just take my nursing classes and deal with the loans later? Your right, I like a challenge! Because I applied to the program and was accepted! Just like I had manifested for many years I will NOT be paying one cent towards my education! This, of course, might be a challenge but I am happy to say I will not regret it. Especially because I plan on furthering my education and getting my FNP as soon as I’m done with my BSN, and this step helped me significantly. Don’t be afraid of taking on a challenge if it will benefit you in the future!

  Can you work while in nursing school?

This all depends on how much you can take on? Can people do it? Yes! Some people have a family and kids to take care off and still work full time! I enjoy my sleep and prefer not to take on a full-time job. I can barely handle the heartbreak of leaving my seven dogs when I leave for school! (That’s right, I have seven.) I don’t know how parents do it! If your one of them, you are amazing and very strong, your kids will definitely benefit from your hard work and dedication, so be proud! Now, I understand some people have to work so if you can get away with working a part-time job I would aim for that. The classes start to get difficult as you get deeper into the program and you will need time to study.

Well, I hoped these tips were helpful as I know they were one of my top questions before starting nursing school. If there are any other specific questions feel free to post them on here and I will try my best at answering them. You can always send me a message on Instagram as that is the quickest way to reach me! Well, until then enjoy this time you have I’m sure you are all eager to start!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Questions for Nursing School”

  1. Congrats on choosing an awesome profession! I wish you the best of luck! My advice to new nurses or student nurses is this: No matter where you decide to take your career, at least get a few years of medical-surgical nursing under your belt. If you can handle med-surg, you can handle ANYTHING! Besides (in my “unbiased” opinion as a long-time-until-recently adult med-surg nurse) you just might decide to get your CMS (certified medical-surgical nurse) certification. Keep up the good work and you will go far.


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